György Cserép
Sales and Marketing Director
I have been leading the outsourced sales of GSS Group Hungary Kft. since May 2015.

Previously, I had spent 25 years in FMCG sales in the positions of commercial and marketing director at 4 multinational companies.

Based on the last 5 years, it has become clear that it is more cost-efficient and effective for the international and national companies wishing to sell their products in Hungary if, instead of their own employees, company fleet and administrative team, they work with an outsourced representative team that knows the characteristics of the country inside out and has a significant sales network.

Our FMCG area representative team works country-wide in the stores of both Hungarian and international chains. We deliberately compile the portfolio of the represented products. Our objective is to focus on quality instead of quantity, and we strive for an efficient and measurable cooperation.

Tasks we undertake:

  • the product representation of companies that pursue mainly KAM activity without a full area representative team
  • the product representation of companies that have their own representative team with few staff, but this representative work focuses on hypermarkets without reaching the supermarkets of the domestic chains.
  • ad hoc tasks that require a seasonal activity in the commercial units of the smallest domestic chains
  • continuous or periodical area-focused surveys, collection of market information
  • promotional activities, secondary placements, in-store work ensuring the implementation of the shelf image

How we work:

  • Outside store photo, GPS in order to continuously control the work of the representative
  • Suggesting, registering and on-the-spot printing of orders
  • Electronic forwarding of orders to regional warehouses
  • Assessment of distribution
  • Taking and forwarding shelf-image photos, maintaining the shelf stock, and supervising the shelf capacity
  • Displaying POS materials in the sales space
  • Tracking promotions, ensuring the stocks of the products on promotion
  • Forwarding in-store and regional stock information
  • Occasional price assessment for own and competing products
  • Online data provision
  • Representation in customer inquests, product presentations

Cooperation with the team of GSS


an investment that pays for itself within a short period by either an outsourced team or the application of software (SFA and ERP).

Provides quick help

you will gain a country-wide representative team and you will be able to modernize the IT background of your current team within only a couple of weeks

Low level of risk

we work with a stable background, professional support and customer-friendly methods