Mobile systems supporting area work

The GSS SFA system provides a framework for the coworkers working locally. It can be used both on smart phones and tablets.
Some information about why it is worth getting familiar with our software:
  • multi platform environment (Android, AOS, Windows)
  • modular system (more than 100 developed functions)
  • up-to-date commercial logics, simple surfaces
  • parameterable, personalizable
  • online reports and analyses accessible from a web-based platform
Highlighted application areas: FMCG area representatives, medical and pharmaceutical representatives, market research, servicing, agricultural surveys

Management systems, individual developments

Each management system is a perfect creation in itself. In IT projects the opportunity is in the hands of the implementing company.
Important factors within the project:
  • assessing and planning the processes
  • development of IT infrastructure
  • compilation of licenses
  • planning possible individual developments
  • training of users
  • support after go-live
Unfortunately, even a good piece of software can unduly used. The key of the project’s success is the cooperation with the client and the professionalism of the implementing team.  
In cooperation with our strategic partners, we offer Dynamics NAV and AX systems and individual developments (sectoral software).

Cooperation with the team of GSS


an investment that pays for itself within a short period by either an outsourced team or the application of software (SFA and ERP).

Provides quick help

you will gain a country-wide representative team and you will be able to modernize the IT background of your current team within only a couple of weeks

Low level of risk

we work with a stable background, professional support and customer-friendly methods