• Who we are

    Our profile is intended to increase sales and build markets as well as to develop and operate the IT background of these processes. We think together with our partners. They have the idea and the request, we provide the solution.

  • What we do

    With our innovative services we support the distribution of brands or the area work of the Client, by either software or outsourced representatives. Our strength is organization, communication and data-processing.

  • How we work

    We work in team for the satisfaction of our Clients. We speak the same language as our Clients, we achieve common objectives. Our work is transparent and traceable; our communication is objective and clear.

We assess

  • the sales and management processes
  • the current product portfolio
  • the possibility of trade marketing analyses
  • the possibility to automate an own representative team

We plan

  • the sales strategy
  • market entry, growth strategy
  • automation of sales processes (SFA, interfaces, reports)
  • reporting and analyzing systems

We implement

  • product representation with our country-wide FMCG representative team
  • SFA and related IT applications
  • individual analyses, reports
  • consultations at managerial level

Magdolna Farkas
Owner & Executive
Have been leading  GSS Group Hungary Ltd since 2011. The practice and experience of more than 20 years are combined in the mission and concept represented by GSS Group.

My conviction is that
  • some of the engines of sales efficiency are IT and the optimization of business processes
  • traders and IT specialists can speak the same language
  • it is possible to offer optimal sales and IT solutions to each production and trading company
  • an outsourced representative team is motivated and efficient if the right people are in the right place
Our service package is not usual. Basically we work in two areas:


  • our nation-wide FMCG representative team undertakes product representation with high-quality professional leadership, and reliable office and IT background
  • in the area of IT we offer solutions in mobile IT, management systems and individual developments
Both of our branches are characterized by the priority that we give to communication and education in all of our projects. I trust the knowledge and work of my co-workers. Therefore, I highly recommend our services to you. We make a pre-calculation for the cooperation free of charge and without commitment.

“Quality starts in the minds.” (C. Borgward)

Cooperation with the team of GSS


an investment that pays for itself within a short period by either an outsourced team or the application of software (SFA and ERP).

Provides quick help

you will gain a country-wide representative team and you will be able to modernize the IT background of your current team within only a couple of weeks

Low level of risk

we work with a stable background, professional support and customer-friendly methods