Simpra POS system

Simpra POS system

Simpra is a cloud-based restaurant management system that fulfills the needs of the hospitality industry. It is available on PlayStore and AppStore, therefore, the installation is much easier than traditional softwares. Simpra's heart is the POS system which gives you the opportunity to boost your ordering and payment in your store, furthermore, it gives you useful reports about the revenues. Last but not least, it can contribute to your delivery services hereby you'll be able to spend more time on customer service.

Customer profiles

Keep track of your customer details and order history to create customer profiles.

Multi-store management

Manage multi-store chains and franchises with ease. Track your activity across the entire chain.

Online inventory tracking

Keep track of every product in real-time. Track your purchases and inventory costs. Never run out of stock.

Offline mode

Use Simpra e-POS without internet connection thanks to the offline operation feature.

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