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Zoltán Molnár HoReCa sales manager
I am the sales manager of Simpra Restaurant Management System at GSS Group Hungary Ltd.
Using our IT solutions and my many years of restaurant and hotel experiences, I aim to make the inbound hospitality workflows easier and more transparent.
I consider myself fortunate that I have been able to spend almost nine years in the hospitality industry. During this period I have been able to get insight into the workflows of small and large businesses where I experienced all challenges during a modernization process.
According to my professional opinion, Simpra Restaurant Management System is the perfect tool to support the modern hospitality processes.

Why should you contact us?

› We are pleased that you have expressed your interest in Simpra so you might already think to review your actual work practice. Our experienced team is aware of the new market trends such as the increased number of tourists and labor fluctation.
› In the meantime it is necessary to consider the expectation of the new generation, the changing workflows and the continous pressure.
› In order to be competitive in the growing market competition, I think it is important to automate the processes in case of smaller businesses too.
› Besides these circumstances, most of the mangers would like to remotely follow up their business development but be away from it at the same time. This is not possible on the traditional way.

Why should you work with us?

› Using Simpra is always simple and logical » [Video]
› A modular system so Simpra is flexible, perfect for every establishment » [Link]
› If you leave your contact info now, you’ll get 1 month free access to Simpra » [Link]

It Adapts to Even the busiest of Establishments

Transfer Table

Do your customers want to change their table to another one, for whatever reason? Not a problem! Use the transfer process on Simpra, switch tables without having to re-issue the check, and most importantly without getting confused in the process.


Merge Tables

Did one of your regulars just bump into some of their friends or are new friendships being born in your restaurant? Not a problem! Just merge the tables and let them continue their conversation in peace, while your business continues to run smoothly.


Multiple Checks

Do your customers want to pay their accounts separately? Save your staff some time without getting lost in calculations. Simpra can easily handle the task of opening multiple checks for one single table.


Create Customer Profiles

Simpra keeps track of your customers' details, including order history, with the customer profile feature. It supports your marketing and loyalty management efforts and keeps track of your VIP clients.